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Premier Airbrush Spray Tanning

Body Upper Half
Full Body $50
1/2 Body
(Upper or Lower)
Body Lower Half

Applied by a trained spray artist (not a spraybooth) ensures flawless results. Beautiful natural looking tan, lasting 7-9 days. Customized Color. Free sample sprays upon request. Packages and Party Specials. By appointment only at our sister location Sunkissed by Sunsations in Railroad Square.

The Solution

Developed in Australia, our solution is unlike most other solutions in the market. We use only natural ingredients and our solution is not chemically treated in any way. You now have the peace of mind of being able to tan any skin type, no matter how light or dark, to their natural tanning color, without mess, streaking or odor. We also comply with all U.S.A. standards for cosmetic purposes. Our Summer's Tan Solutions are not like some types of spray-on solutions currently available. Our solutions contains no alcohols, glycerin, oils, or preservatives, an important considerations, we believe, for spray-on tanning formulations.

The FAQ’s

Airbrush spray tanning is a great way to get an immediate tan before a large variety of events. Vacationers, please be aware as with most spray tan solutions, swimming pools and salt water will reduce the life expectancy of your tan by a couple of days. It will still fade evenly but expect 5-7 days of tan life. Our solution does not have SPF, a cream or oil base sunscreen is advised. Pedicures, waxing and hair appointments are best if done before your spraytan or the next day after your first shower.

Something everyone should know?“Airbrush spray tanning is not created equal?Please note: all salons do not use the same solution, equipment or technique of airbrushing so results can vary greatly from salon to salon. If you had a bad experience at another salon, explain it to us, in most cases simple adjustments can be made to ensure better results. We take pride and care about our customers experience with us and want everyone to leave with a positive impression of the Airbrush Spray Tanning process.

Preparing for your Airbrush Spraytan Appointment:

 For best results, please exfoliate using a loofah or washcloth. After your shower do not apply lotions, oils, moisturizers or perfume. We want the skin to be as clean and product free for consistent and even spray tan results. Eye makeup can be sprayed over and face makeup can be removed here or sprayed over if desired. Bring a loose dark color change of clothes to wear after your spraytan. For example a sundress, flip-flops, tee shirt or tank top, shorts or sweatpants. The spray solution will rub a little on your clothing or bedding before showered but will wash out with laundry soap. After your first shower it will no longer rub off.


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